vTiger development

vTiger is the best CRM in the world and today it is use to easily. Many companies manage their customers’ related records in this CRM like Contacts, leads, sales orders, quote, product, invoice, appointment and more.

Techomini is working on vTiger CRM and we have worked for lot of clients. We have customize lot of projects in this technology and added below our successful project.

  • http://crm.labaiktours.com/
  • https://www.biocoiff.com/biocoiffcrm/
  • http://www.tmscentral.com/vtiger/
  • http://crm.khatiart.in
  • http://crm.iafpl.com

We have customized lot of functionalities:

  • WordPress to vTiger CRM syncronization
  • Contacts, Leads, Product, Sales order synchronisation in vTiger.
  • Create custom modules for Payment, Close Register, Point of sale, Inventory, Tickets etc.
  • Two way syncronization
  • Calendar customisation and API intgration
  • Create custom widgets for Dashboard
  • Data migration script
  • Email management and etc.

We have 6+ year experienced developers in this technology that are easily handle the all activity and he know everything about the CRM. If you want any information related to vTiger CRM then you can contact me any time by Skype, email and phone.



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